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On this week’s show:


There are many cliches about German tourists ruining holidays for other tourists, but a poll in Germany has revealed that even they agree, ranking themselves as the most annoying thing when on holiday (along with British tourists and Russians). So what annoys you most on holiday? People stealing sunloungers? Getting sun burnt? Sand in your bed sheets? Having to spend time with your family? Get in contact and have a moan! FoxyTV@Foxybingo.com or @foxy_ent on Twitter!


TV legend Bruce Forsyth has stepped down from presenting Strictly Come Dancing! While the 86 year old says it's the best decision for himself personally he has also blamed constant criticism of his age gave him the final push! In this hour Cristo and Lucinda want to know if you have ever felt too old or out of place in a situation? Or perhaps too young? Does age matter in certain situations? Plus in honour of Brucey we want to know who you think is the ultimate TV legend - other than Foxy himself! Get in contact FoxyTV@Foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!


The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is only hours away! What are you doing for it? Seeing the family? Going away? Or are you stuck for ideas?! Well fear not because Cristo & Lucinda are here to show you some fun things to do for all the family! So tune in for top tips... And to see our presenting pair get covered in chocolate! Get in contact FoxyTV@Foxybingo.com or @foxy_ent on Twitter!