About Foxy TV

Hour 1

It's national curry week! So we are talking favourite curries and take away foods! What's yours? How spicy can you go?! Or do you prefer a mild creamy curry? Can you cook a mean curry or do you stick to take aways? Get in contact and make your roomies mouths water - Foxytv@foxybingo.com!

Hour 2

A 114 year old woman has had to lie about her age... To get a Facebook profile!! Apparently the oldest a Facebook user can be to register is 99 so Anna Stoehr had to knock 15 years off her age to join! In this hour we want to know when you have lied about your age?! Was it to get into a film in the cinema or buy something when you were younger? Or perhaps you've lied when you've met someone new?! Do your children know your age or have you kept it quiet? Get in contact and spill the beans! Foxytv@foxybingo.com

Hour 3

A British parrot named Nigel has returned home after going missing 4 years ago... And he now speaks Spanish!! Have you ever been reunited with a pet? And is it just parrots that can communicate with their owners - do you think you can communicate with your pets? Does your pet understand your moods better than your wife or husband?! Get in contact Foxytv@foxybingo.com

Plus we'll be talking to Matt and Leon from The Dog Hotel, a brand new television show about Brighton’s first super-swish hotel for DOGS, with boutique bedrooms, swimming pool and spa – it’s paradise for the pampered pooch! Don't miss it!

All you have to do is email foxytv@foxybingo.com and tell us:

  • What song you’d like Cristo to play
  • Why you’ve chosen the song
  • Where you’re from
  • How we can get in touch with you and your alias, so we can give you 5000bps if your song is played!