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On this week’s show:


Tattoos are more popular than ever but they are often still frowned upon in the workplace - a lady recently lost her job after not covering a butterfly tattoo on her foot, which went against their "no-visible-inking" policy. Jules and James want to know what you think! Is that unfair in this day and age or are tattoos unprofessional? Do you have a tattoo or do you shudder at the thought of inking yourself? How would you feel if your child came home with a tattoo? Let us know foxytv@foxybingo.com or tweet us @Foxy_Ent on Twitter!


A family were recently removed from a flight after asking their airline not to serve cashews on board as their 4 year old child is severely allergic. On a different airline, another child stopped breathing and passed out when a male passenger ignored the airline's allergy warning and opening a pack of nuts mid-flight. The male has since been banned from flying with the airline for 2 years. Which of these do you agree with? Should the family expect the airline and all the passengers to accommodate their child? Or was male passenger justly punished? Have you had any similar experiences with an allergy or disability? Let us know! Email us at foxytv@foxybingo.com or tweet us @Foxy_Ent on Twitter!


No doubt you will have seen your Facebook friends dousing themselves in freezing cold water for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge! And now, the charity trend has made it's way on to Foxy! Tune in to see our Foxy Team do their bit for ALS! Foxy TV have also nominated YOU, the roomie, to do the challenge! We also want to know what good deeds and charitable things you've done over the years! Let us know and send us your #ALSIceBucketChallenge videos to foxytv@foxybingo.com, @Foxy_Ent on Twitter! or tag Foxy Bingo in your video on facebook!