About Foxy TV

Join us for our Foxy TV Scarefest! We’re talking all things Halloween and have some great games and prizes especially for you! Here’s how you can get involved:

Hour 1

Will you or your children be going Trick or Treating or to a party? We want to see your costumes! Send in your pictures of your costumes to Foxytv@foxybingo.com and you’ll bag yourself 1000s of BPs if it gets shown on air! Plus we’ll be attempting to make some simple Halloween costumes and decorations to give those of you who still don’t know what to wear or do some inspiration!

Hour 2

Halloween would be incomplete without a scary movie! So we want to know what’s yours? Do you love the adrenaline of a jumpy scary film? Are modern scary films as good as classics such as The Shining or Psycho? Or do scary movies drive you mad - why do the characters alway run upstairs instead of out of the house to safety?! Maybe you can’t stomach scary films and only ever end up seeing the back of a pillow for the entire film?! Get in contact Foxytv@foxybingo.com and make sure you don’t miss your chance to win our ultimate Scary Film DVD Bundle!

Hour 3

We want to know the creepiest things that have happened to you! Have you had a paranormal experience? Have items moved around your house for no apparent reason? Or maybe you’ve heard noises your can’t explain? We want to hear your real life scary stories! Get in contact Foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!

All you have to do is email Foxytv@foxybingo.com and tell us:

  • What song you’d like Lules to play
  • Why you’ve chosen the song
  • Where you’re from
  • How we can get in touch with you and your alias, so we can give you 5000bps if your song is played!