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On this week’s show:


When you're all hot and bothered in this gorgeous weather what do you dream of to make life easier? Do you dream of the perfect cup of tea coming from a tap rather than all the fuss of tea bags, spoons and milk? Or perhaps a self washing car? A invention to get the washing out of the machine and on to the line without you lifting a finger? Get in contact and tell us what your dream invention would be - and have a moan about that one chore you absolutely avoid at all costs! foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!


A daredevil photographer has travelled to great heights to create a collection of amazing photographs... Some of which look rather dangerous! So in this hour we're asking are you an adrenaline junkie? What's the most adventurous thing you have done? Or do you prefer your feet firmly on the ground? Get in contact foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!


Scientists have created an ice cream changes colour - when you lick it! The blue ice cream will apparently change colour to a bright pink 10-15seconds after licking it! Fancy giving it a lick yourself? Or does the idea of colour changing food make you want to run a mile?! Do you think food has become too processed? Or do you love trying new foods? Plus we're opening Foxy's Ice Cream Van - filled only with your favourite treats - so why not get in contact and tell us your favourite ice cream! foxytv@foxybingo.com.