About Foxy TV

It's Pizza Night on Foxy TV so sit down, put your feet up, and grab yourself a 'Pizza the Action' with us on Foxy TV! We've got loads of new games and prizes to give away - plus three lucky mush-roomies will have Papa John's pizza delivered to their homes during the show!!

On this week’s show:


We can't talk Pizza without talking toppings! What is your favourite?! And what topping do you think is a crime against humanity? Should pineapple be allowed on pizza? Or fish? And what is the weirdest pizza creation you have tried - perhaps a roast dinner pizza?! Get in contact foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!


We're holding a Pizza Party in the Foxy studios and somehow forgot to invite any guests! So we need your help to create our ultimate Pizza Party Guest List - who would you invite to share a pizza with? The Ninja Turtles? The Queen? Ryan Gosling? Or are you like Joey from Friends and you do not share food?! Get in contact foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!


Pizza has to top the list of ultimate comfort food - right? Jules and Cristo want to know when your favourite time to eat Pizza is? For your birthday? A lazy weekend afternoon? Or perhaps the morning after too much partying?! Or if pizza isn't your favourite comfort food - what is? Chips? A Roast? Cake? Get in contact foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!