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Hour 1

Everyone's talking about Renee Zellweger... And not necessarily for the right reasons! So in this hour we want to know what you think about cosmetic surgery? And particularly celebrities having it done - do we as a society put pressure on celebrities and people in the public eye to look good? Or is it just a need they may have to be loved? Should there be an age limit of cosmetic surgery? Get in contact Foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!

Hour 2

It's been announced that schools will soon have to hold lessons on how to brush teeth! Schools will have teach children how to brush their teeth correctly to target the huge rise in tooth decay in young children. What do you think about this - is it a good thing? Or is the Government interfering? Are there any other life skills which you think should be added to the curriculum? Let us know - Foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!

Hour 3

Can men and women ever just be friends? Films and TV shows seem to think not! Look at most story-lines and you are usually guaranteed to find two friends who become romantically involved - even in Harry Potter! So we want to know if this is the case in the real world? Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex? Does your partner ever get jealous? And have you really never ever thought you might have feelings for them? Get in contact and have your say Foxytv@foxybingo.com or @Foxy_ent on Twitter!

All you have to do is email Foxytv@foxybingo.com and tell us:

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